New Child & Adolescent Physiotherapy

New Child & Adolescent Physiotherapy

We are excited to offer a specialist young person’s musculoskeletal and sport injury physiotherapy service for under 18’s.  We have expert Physiotherapists with a keen interest in young person’s sports injuries as well as child health and wellbeing.

* Is your child complaining of 'growing pains'? 
* Do they have pain during sport or have they sustained a sports injury?

* Does your child compete for school sport teams or play for a sports club?

Our expert physiotherapists will assess the underlying causes of pain, then provide effective treatment and advice.  
We also provide young people engaged in school sport and sport clubs with a sport specific injury prevention screen assessment.  Click here to read more about our Sport Injury Screening

Click here to read more about our Child and Adolescent Physiotherapy

For more information or to speak to our Children's Specialists, please contact our Reception Team to book an appointment:

T: 020 8778 9050 E. W.

Added. 15/09/16

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