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*Congratulations to Sam, Mara and the GBR Mixed Team who came a credible 5th place at the World Champs*

As part of our Interviews with the Athletes series - meet Sam Turner who is competing in the Ultimate Frisbee World Championships in London, June 19-25.  

Sam Turner (male)
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 75kg
Sport: Ultimate [Frisbee]
Team: Great Britain (Mixed)

Recent Achievements:

1. Winning the Confederations Cup (Frankfurt) and Windmill (Amsterdam) in 2016 with GB Mixed, two big warm-up tournaments which took place in May and June this year respectively.
2. Taking gold at the European Ultimate Championships in Copenhagen in 2015, beating Ireland in the final.

Goals for 2016/17: Peak at the right time and compete with GB Mixed at the highest level we can at the World Championships (taking place in London 19-25 June).

CPPG: Injuries? Major or minor:
ST: I’ve always been quite fortunate on the injury front and haven’t had anything major, but I’ve had some hip flexor trouble this year which prevented me from performing as I’d like to and for as long as our training sessions/tournaments demanded.

CPPG: How has Crystal Palace Physio Group helped you?
ST: Being able to access the CPPG expertise thanks to support from the GLL Sport Foundation has been incredibly helpful. As an athlete within a largely self-funded sport, having this resource is particularly important when juggling the time and financial pressures of a full-time job with all of my sport’s training and competitions. Jason (my CPPG physio) was able to diagnose quickly and provide some rehab work, and it didn’t take long before I started to notice a difference on the field. My discomfort disappeared within a couple of weeks and my mobility and strength returned just in time for a couple of critical warm-up tournaments. I’m now feeling as healthy as I’ve felt this season – just in time for the World Championships and the culmination of two years of preparation.

CPPG: Self-talk/ mantra.  When it gets really tough what are your strategies to keep going?
ST: If I’m having a tough gym or track session, or a tough game during a tournament, just thinking about my teammates helps to get me back and focussed again – knowing that you’ve got another 27 players who are sharing the same mental challenges and who are relying on you to get back in the game is a real boost. It helps to remind me that I’m not just doing it for myself, but for the benefit of 27 other great athletes and amazing people who are working towards exactly the same goal as me.

CPPG: Have you heard of ‘mindfulness’?
ST: I have – I’m really interested in it but haven’t had the chance to read up properly or try out any courses yet. Our general team philosophy/psychology tends to borrow a lot of its principles I think though: focusing on the moment, realising self-control of your thoughts and how they translate into actions etc.

CPPG: Lucky socks. Any OCDs or rituals?
ST: Nothing that exciting I’m afraid… I usually like to take a bit of time alone after the warm-up and just before our games to calm the nerves a little, take a check of how my body’s feeling and visualise the game ahead. I like having a quiet moment or two by myself to focus in mentally before the whistle blows and the game starts.

CPPG: 'Your body is a temple'.  Super foods or fast foods?
ST: Super foods!

CPPG: What is your typical competition/ race day nutrition?
ST: Breakfast is often porridge with a big spoon of peanut butter and chopped banana, or maybe some Greek yoghurt and granola. During tournaments, my food bag is often full of nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars, pretzels, bananas and peanut butter.

CPPG: Post-competition/ race treat?
ST: An enormous glass (or seven) of milk. I crave it after exercise.

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Sam is one of our GLL Sports Foundation sponsored athletes.  Crystal Palace Physio Group are proud of their long standing relationship with GLL Sport Foundation, helping young athletes reach their potential and sporting success.  

GLL Sport Foundation Manager, Mark Gliddon explained: 

“The partnership with Crystal Palace Physio Group is a fundamental element of the support programme we provide to athletes, and they have been a great partner to the programme from the very start.  Providing talented athletes with physio and sport science expertise allows them to reach peak performance levels ensuring they can achieve their goals.  On behalf of all the athletes they have supported and us as an organisation I would lilke to thank the Group for their continued partnership”. For more information on the GLL Sport Foundation and how it supports young athletic talent please click here

The GLL Sport Foundation was launched in 2008 and operates under the patronage of Sally Gunnell –OBE.  The programme is the largest independent programme in the UK having provided over 8400 athlete awards providing over £4.9million of support since it launch.  The Foundation works in partnership with SportsAid ensuring its direct link to UK sport and Sport England talent pathways.

First posted: 22/06/2016

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