Interview with ... the Paralympic Gold medallist swimmer

The latest in our 'Interviews with the Athletes' series, meet Rio super-swimmer and GB Paralympic star.  

Name: Susie Rodgers
Age: 33
Height: 163cm 
Sport/Discipline: Paralympics Swimming  
Coaches: Tony Beckley and Keith Morgan
Sponsors: GLL Sport Foundation and Samsung

Recent Major Achievements:

1.        Paralympic Gold medallist at Rio 2016
2.        5 time European champion Madeira 2016
3.        European record holder 

Goals for 2016/17 and beyond. Tokyo?: Not sure yet. I need a break first but unlikely I will go to Tokyo. 

CPPG: Injuries? Major or minor. Major and minor. 
SR: I had a shoulder injury last year and a knee operation in 2012. 

CPPG: How has Crystal Palace Physio Group helped you? 
SR: They definitely helped with my shoulder and neck injury last year. I saw and still see Louise [Crystal Palace clinic] regularly and she helps me with keeping injury at bay. I credit her with helping me keep injury free this year. 

CPPG: Self-talk/ mantra.  When it gets really tough what are your strategies to keep going?
SR: No matter how hard things get I've been through a lot before and got through it. I just try to focus on little steps of improvement or little achievements.

CPPG: Have you heard of ‘mindfulness’? 
SR: Yes. And it works! 

CPPG: Lucky socks. Any OCD's or rituals? 
SR: I dip my goggles in the pool before i race. That's about it really! 

CPPG: ’Your body is a temple'.  Super foods or fast foods? 
SR: Super foods! 

CPPG: What is your typical competition/ race day nutrition? 
SR: Usually pasta or carbs with meat and some salad. 

CPPG: Post-competition/ race treat? 
SR: Chocolate. But only when I am finished!


First posted: 17/10/2016

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