Intuitive Eating - A New Approach

  • Improve your relationship with food 
  • Find a long term approach to healthy eating 
  • Feel at peace with your food 
  • Reconnect with the joy of eating  

It seems that these days we are constantly bombarded with messages of how to diet and lose weight.  Whether it’s cutting out a certain food group, or not eating past a certain time, there always seems to be some new trick that promises to be the key for weight loss. 
Unfortunately while these diets may work in the short term, they often end up resulting in weight regain and a sense of disappointment. But worse than this, dieting can affect how we think about food. Have you ever thought you were a bit ‘crazy’ around food? By this, do you sometimes feel you have no ‘self-control’ around food, are an ‘emotional eater’ or a ‘binger’? What if we were to tell you these issues are likely to have stemmed from dieting and going on another diet is not going to be the solution.

For people who are tired of the diet cycle and tired of the constant chatter in their minds about what, how much and when to eat - we want you to know that there is another option.

Intuitive eating or the ‘non-diet approach’ is a way of helping people with eating and weight concern. It is a way of using internal body cues to guide eating rather than using an external set of rules that dictate what, how much and when to eat.  Intuitive eating is a way of helping people make peace with food and their bodies and reconnect with the joy of eating. 

There are many benefits to this approach, including improved health and mental wellbeing, however weight loss is not a goal.  While this may seem disappointing to some, we ask - what would your life look like if you felt truly relaxed and at peace with food?

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