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Do you have acute or recurrent back pain?  The McKenzie Technique can empower you to regain control and overcome your condition.

Key points:

- The method is an exercise based approach designed to educate and empower patients on how to self-manage their condition

- It is mainly used in the management of back and neck pain (with or without peripheral symptoms) but can also be used for the extremeties

- It can be used for both acute and chronic problems and particularly recurrent issues

- Diagnosis is formed by looking at the patient's mechanical presentation and usually the exercises are designed around their 'Directional Preference'
with a particular focus on posture

Client testimonial

“After suffering from bouts of lower back pain for over 7 years, a friend recommended the McKenzie technique.  Within a few days of starting the exercises (3 times a day to begin with), I began to feel a vast improvement in back strength and a considerable reduction of pain.  I contacted a McKenzie therapist to ensure I was performing the exercises correctly and to monitor my progress.  

I found Kathryn Moore at Crystal Palace Physio Group who gave me excellent advice on exercise techniques and the use of the McKenzie lumbar supports and other hints and tips on how to manage challenges such as standing and sitting for prolonged periods.  

I would highly recommend McKenzie and Kathryn – you won’t get results unless you invest time to do the exercises and make changes to any ‘bad’ postural habits but the benefits are enormous!”

Our Specialist Physiotherapist Kathryn Moore is a Credentialed Therapist in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®.

If you would like to contact our Specialist directly, please email Kathryn Moore.

If you would like to book an assessment and treatment session, please contact us: 
T: 020 8778 9050      E. enquiries@cppg.co.uk        W. www.cppg.co.uk

Online booking is also available. 

For further information on the McKenzie Method visit The McKenzie International Institute or The McKenzie Institute USA

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