Online Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. Please take a moment to read the following Terms and Conditions for Physiotherapy Solutions Ltd On-line Booking portal for Patients. Currently this service is limited to our Private paying patients with select physiotherapists and locations.  If you wish to see a specific physiotherapist please call our Head Office on 020 8778 9050 using Option 1.

    By using our On-line Booking portal you agree with the Terms and Conditions as per below.

    1.    Types of Appointments

    1.1          The ‘Physiotherapy Assessment’ appointment type will be selected if:

    a)        this is your first physiotherapy appointment;

    b)        you are coming to see us for a new injury; or

    c)         it has been 6 to 8 weeks since you saw us last with your current injury

    d)         Specialist physiotherapy treatments / appointments (including acupuncture, women's health, 1-1 Pilates) are not available via online booking 

    1.2          The ‘Physiotherapy Follow-up’ appointment type will be used if you are returning within 6 to 8 weeks with the same injury.

    1.3          For continuity of care, please try to book in with the same clinician for each appointment, as our experience tells us that the patients who follow the plans of the same physiotherapist generally respond better to treatment.

    2.    Paying for bookings

    2.1     Patients must pay for their chosen appointment through PayPal at the time of booking or the booking will only be deemed as provisional and automatically cancelled within 1 hour.  During this time, if payment has not been made, we have the right to cancel your appointment booking.

    3. Booking Times

    3.1         The booking time covers the period of the appointment.

    4. Confirmation of booking/checking-in

    4.1     All Patients must report to reception on arrival.

    4.2     All on-line bookings are confirmed by the issuing of a booking confirmation direct to your nominated email address.  Without this confirmation, your appointment booking may not be complete.

    4.3     A booking confirmation will only be issued subject to receipt of payment.

    4.4     The booking confirmation email may be requested on arrival at reception to validate the appointment.

    4.5     All bookings are made in the name of a specified individual as set out on the booking confirmation and therefore proof of identity may be required.

    5. Cancellation or Change of bookings

    5.1     To cancel or change a booking, please call Head Office on 020 8778 9050 using Option1.

    5.2     Confirmed bookings are subject to the normal cancellation policy of the clinic which is 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    6. Non-attendance

    6.1     If you do not attend your appointment or notify us within 24 hours of your appointment, the booking will be non-transferable and non-refundable.

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