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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Whether you have an existing bike, or are about to invest a new one, make sure you get correctly fitted so you can get the most enjoyment and performance out of your riding. We can help whether you are:

  • Commuting
  • Road racing
  • Mountain biking
  • Time trialing
  • A Triathlete

Through our Dynamic Bike Fitting System, we can make you:

  • More efficient
  • Able to ride for longer
  • More aerodynamic
  • Faster!
  • Less likely to become injured
  • More comfortable

In fact if it's got pedals and two wheels we can help you find your optimum position and give you the edge you need. With this unique ‘Dialed in Motion’ video capture system we are able to:

  • Capture video at 50 frames per second from both the side and front
  • Freeze frame motion at selected points of interest
  • Accurately measures critical body angles and advise on optimal cycle adjustment
  • Provide full analysis along with a detailed report of your fitting
  • Make adjustments on the spot by "dialing" in the recommended angles for Comfort, Power and Efficiency.
  • Use our 20 years of coaching and riding experience to make sure you get a truly customised fit (not just a bike fit based on averages like many other systems).

As well as our permanent base at the Sports Injury Centre we can also offer this great service to clubs and shops who can book us at their own venue.

What Is Sports Performance?

Sports Performance is the application of scientific principles and knowledge of specific physiology to help improve sports performance. We specialise in Exercise Physiology which is the area of sports science concerned with the way an athlete’s body responds and adapts to exercise and training. Physiology can help athletes to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses through scientific testing
  • Assess if training periods have been successful
  • Individualise training programmes to ensure it is effective

Who Can Benefit From Sports Performance?

Sports Performance support was once reserved for elite athletes and coaches who understood that training at the right intensities and monitoring performance was essential.

It is now more accessible and is extremely beneficial to anyone who is serious about their training and wants to train as efficiently as possible. So whether your goal is to reach a certain race weight, improve your PB, or more simply to complete your first marathon or cyclosportive, specific sports science support can enable you to achieve your goals.

Services We Offer

  • Running lactate test
  • Cycling lactate test
  • Body composition assessment

We can also offer more bespoke sports science support programmes for other sports, personalised programmes for carbohydrate loading, race day nutrition and hydration and jet lag guidance for peak performance. If you require any of these services please contact us directly for more information and arrange a consultation.

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