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What are Custom or Bespoke Orthotics?

Orthotics are specialist shoe inserts which help to re-align the foot posture and reduce abnormal tissue stress on the feet and lower limbs.

Before Custom/Bespoke Orthotics can be manufactured a thorough foot and posture and gait analysis must to completed and a cast of your feet must be taken. This is an extremely skilled process requiring years of experience and expertise.

Casting of the feet involves the Podiatrist holding the foot in a specific ‘neutral position’ relative to the lower-limb whist taking the impressions of your feet.

The casts are then 3D digitally analysed to help reduce tissue stress, re-distribute plantar foot pressures and correct any functional abnormalities found during the biomechanical examination.

Custom/ Bespoke orthotics are returned to clinic and fitted within 2-5 weeks.  You will be reviewed again between 2-6 weeks after use.

For information see links below:

For further information on our Custom Orthotics Manufacturers, please follow this link:

Paris Orthotics Pro Fit Tech

How to Book an appointment?

  • A Biomechanical assessment/ Gait analysis is 60 minutes which will include assessment and treatment.
  • Orthotics can vary in price from £20 - £273.
  • For further information and to book an appointment, please contact our Reception team or call 020 8778 9050.

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