Plantar Fasciopathy


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What is plantar fasciopathy?

Plantar fasciopathy is a very common foot condition that causes pain in the heel, at the sole of the foot or occasionally into the arch of the foot too.

Many clinicians believe it is caused by inflammation of the ‘plantar fascia’ ligament. This ligament connects the heel to the ball of the foot and supports the arch of the foot.

What causes it?

Excessive walking, running or standing. Other causes include; footwear; weight gain causing extra shock through the heel; overuse of the plantar fascia; tightness in the calf muscle or the alignment of your foot such as flat feet.

What treatments are available?

    • An exercises programme may be discussed to stretch the calf muscles.
    • Orthotic devices (insoles) or heel raises may be fitted.
    • Avoid walking around bare foot as this can put undue stress and strain on the plantar fascia.
    • Therapists may advise strengthening exercises, deep massage and occasionally ultrasound or acupuncture.
    • Strapping around the heel & arch may also be fitted for short term management.
    • In some cases a steroid injection (Cortisone) may be required.
    • Wear supportive footwear.

How can we help?

Your Podiatrist will determine the diagnosis in the initial assessment. At the end of the assessment you will be provide with a short, medium and long term treatment plan specific to your symptoms.

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