Domiciliary Appointments


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What do we do?

We will come and see you in your home setting and provide you with an Initial Assessment. This usually takes an hour but can be longer depending on your needs.

If you require a domiciliary physiotherapist or occupational therapist they will conduct a comprehensive assessment looking at your:

  • Medical history and medication list
  • Social History and activities of daily living
  • Range of movement and strength testing
  • Assessment of transfers, predominantly how you sit-stand
  • Mobility assessment
  • Balance tests and any other outcome measures
  • General observation check including chest function, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature checks if necessary.
  • Advice on exercise, falls prevention and what mobility aids to purchase.
  • Advice on vision, hearing and foot health
  • Advice on healthy living such as diet and exercise

If you require an occupational therapist they will provide a comprehensive home hazard assessment looking at: 

  • Chair, bed, bath and toilet transfers
  • Management of tasks such as washing and dressing, cooking, cleaning and laundry
  • Assessment of any home hazards such as loose rugs, poor lighting, poor heating
  • Advice on what equipment to purchase
  • Advice on other agencies such as Blue badge, transport schemes and keysafe/Telecare systems
  • Specialised cognitive testing looking at memory and mental health

Follow up appointments may include:

  • Providing you with a comprehensive home exercise program
  • Individualised goal setting
  • Practising mobility indoors and outdoors
  • Practising your activities of daily living
  • Practising transfers with any equipment
  • Practising getting on public transport and accessing community
  • Relaxation techniques and breathing control
  • Pain management equipment such as TENS
  • Chest clearance techniques
  • Help with returning back to work
  • Linking you with other services within your community and onward referrals to other teams.

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