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The knee is doing nicely, just back from a spin class and gearing up for a mini -triathlon in June! Thanks for all your help and support.

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What To Expect From A Private Physiotherapy Appointment?

Your Initial Consultation will last up 45 mins (self-funding clients), there will be 10-15 minutes of history taking when you will be able to tell your physio about your presenting condition and how it affects your activities and lifestyle.  The physio will ask specific questions about your medical and family history, as well as look at any documentation you have. 

The next 10-15 minutes will involve assessment with physical examination; including function and movement testing, your physio will palpate any problem areas or joints to help with diagnosis of structures involved. There will be 5-10 minutes of treatment if not included during the assessment time. 

The last 5-10 minutes will include more explanation of your diagnosis, proposed treatment and the plan for your management so that you get better and back on form. On average patients attend for around 6 sessions to get back to 100%.

Subsequent Follow-Up sessions last 30 minutes and typically include a 5-10 min review, then 15-20 minute treatment with 5-10 progression of e.g. specific movement correction or exercise intensity, with a plan for your next session(s).

Dependant on the nature of your condition and your needs appointment times may be longer or shorter.

Private Physiotherapy Treatment Options

Physiotherpist have a number skills they can use to help reduce your pain, improve you function and get you back to fill fitness.

  • Movement analysis and correction e.g. specific to sport or occupation
  • Biomechanical assessment/ gait or running analysis
  • Manual therapy/ manipulation
  • Soft tissue therapy e.g. massage/ trigger point release
  • Taping for pain relief/ support or movement correction
  • Acupuncture/ dry needling
  • Exercise programmes (graded intensity/ complexity & specific)
  • Gym & fitness programmes
  • Health & wellbeing advice *(see Relationships & Referrals)

Private Specialists

Dependant on the nature of your problem you may be cross referred to one of our specialist services.

Private Wellbeing Services

CPPG are not only committed to resolving your injury, pain or functional problems. We are also focussed on supporting helping you improve your general health and wellbeing. We offer a number of services which can assit with this.

Your Results are Our Results

Which means after seeing us* you have resolved pain; improved function; returned to your chosen activity with more understanding of your body and how it moves.  Even your physical potential, as well as limitations.

You will feel that ‘I can do what I want to do. I have my life back.’

*Each individual and their condition are different, however we know from experience that [around 6] physiotherapy sessions produce the best results for our patients. This is because we place emphasis on knowing you and your body.  Following pain, injury or a problem area; your body takes time to adjust to new movement patterns, repair, recover and prevent recurrence. Your physiotherapist will provide a clear and concise pathway for your management - each session and your course of physiotherapy. 

Why Come to Physiotherapy? … For Answers & Results

Is this how you feel or are you asking these questions? [if you are active/sportsperson]

  1. I can’t participate in my sport like I could before
  2. I am worried about future damage if I continue
  3. I have an event/ competition coming up so I need to be fitter/ better in time
  4. My pain is now impacting my lifestyle beyond what I can put up with
  5. I can’t cope with this anymore 
  6. It’s been going on so long
  7. My own treatment hasn’t worked
  8. How do I treat my … [ITB syndrome/ runners knee/ Achilles heel]?
  9. I think I’ve got [xxx] … What do I do?
  10. My [xxx] hurts when I [do my sport]
  11. Why can’t I do … [train/ do my sport] without pain?
  12. Why does it hurt when I [xxx]?
  13. What’s the problem? 
  14. What have I done?
  15. What’s the prognosis?
  16. What do I need to do to recover?
  17. How long will it take to heal?
  18. When will I be able to do … [my sport/activity] again?
  19. Will it happen again?
  20. How do I get back to my best?

Is this how you feel or are you asking these questions? [for work/ lifestyle related problems]:

  1. I can’t do my … [job or go to work]
  2. I am in continual pain/discomfort
  3. This is impacting my normal daily activities ie. walking the dog, driving to work, picking up my grandchild etc
  4. My pain is impacting my lifestyle
  5. I can’t cope with this anymore
  6. It’s reached a critical point
  7. It’s been going on so long now
  8. It hurts when I … [drive, walk up stairs, bend down, etc.]
  9. Why does it hurt when I … [sit in the car / walk the dog / etc for more than]?
  10. Why can’t I … [turn my head]?
  11. What’s the problem?
  12. What have I done?
  13. How do I get back to work?
  14. What’s the prognosis?
  15. How do I stop this from happening again?
  16. What do I need to do to recover?
  17. How long will it take to heal?
  18. Will I have this forever?

Answers & Results

Physiotherapists are experts in answering all these questions; providing the route to help get you back into your lifestyle and better.

How to book?

Our Reception Team are ready to respond to you enquiry and booking via telephone 020 8778 9050, email via enquiries@cppg.co.uk or online booking.

Click for our Physiotherapy Locations in London, Bury St Edmonds and Manchester. 

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