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What Is A Group Exercise Class?

Recovering from injury often requires a real commitment from patients. Group Exercises Classes are small rehabilitation groups that are specifically designed to deal with common injuries or conditions that patients experience. Group Exercise Classes are a safe and effective way to help patients recover. Exercising in a group environment i.e with other people with the same or similar condition provides:

  • Exercises which are specific to a patient’s condition
  • Exercises set at the right intensity for an individual
  • A Physiotherapist on hand to field any questions or concerns
  • Encouragement and support from other patients in a similar situation
  • Education about specific conditions, managing symptoms and the benefits of exercising
  • The overall physical and psychological benefits of being more active

The exercises in a class are prescribed and performed for various reasons including strengthening muscles, improving the cardiovascular system and developing or maintaining physical skills like balance. Our physiotherapists are experts in prescribing the right exercises to resolve various problems e.g low back pain, early OA etc.

What is involved?

  • 1 class per week over a 6 week period led by one of our physiotherapists
  • Each class will last 1 hour but everyone tends to start at slightly different levels
  • Over the 6 weeks, the exercise will gradually increase but we will help you pace this What is involved?

Group Exercise Classes are delivered on a rolling program so patients can access them at any time. All we ask if for patients to be able to commit to a regular time every week to benefit from the classes.

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