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Musculoskeletal disorders account for nearly a third of the total time taken off sick from work in the UK at an estimated cost of around £7.4 billion a year.

Additionally, ‘presenteeism’ costs companies as much as £15 billion a year due to staff who are at work but are not performing to their full potential.

In government commissioned studies, Health and Wellbeing initiatives have been proven to dramatically reduce sickness absence and the costs associated with Employee ill health.

Physiotherapy Solutions can help your company achieve significant reductions in sickness absence and related costs through its commitment to Employee Health and Wellbeing. We can do this through the following in-house Health Promotion Events:

  • Injury Prevention in the Workplace
  • Manual Handling
  • Back care and Postural Awareness
  • Employee Health and Wellbeing strategies
  • Appropriate referral for Occupational Physiotherapy

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