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What Is Podiatry?

Podiatry, also known as Chiropody, is health profession that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions that occur in the feet and lower legs.

Crystal Palace Physiotherapy Group are committed to excellence in clinical standards of podiatry/chiropody services. We have a highly trained and experienced team of Podiatrists and Podiatric Surgeon who are registered with the HcPC and Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists.

What is a general Chiropody treatment?

Routine Chiropody involves trimming of the toe nails and management of everyday foot care such as:

What is a Biomechanical Analysis / Gait Analysis?

AA Biomechanical analysis or Gait analysis is the assessment of how people are walking or running. If you have a lowered arch ( pronated) or high arched profile ( supinated) then you may be predisposed to certain symptoms in your feet, knees, hips or lower back. Muscle tightness or weakness, footwear choices and activity levels can all affect on the way you walk or run. Assessment of all these factors including structure and function of your lower limbs will give a detailed assessment of which factors are contributing to your symptoms or biomechanical abnormalities.

Podiatry treatment may include:

Can Insoles/ Orthotics Help me?

Orthotics can help with many foot, ankle of lower leg symptoms such as:

How to Book an appointment?

  • A Routine Initial consultation is 30 minutes and is £52 which will include assessment and treatment.
  • A Biomechanical assessment / Gait analysis is 60 minutes which will include assessment and treatment.
  • Orthotics can vary in price from £20 - £273.
  • For further information and to book an appointment contact : 020 8778 9050

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