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I am extremely pleased and appreciative of the service that Fit for Work provides us. You have significantly reduced the number of sickness absence days lost to musculoskeletal conditions. You continue to be friendly, responsive, acutely customer –focused, and genuine partners


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Our Service Aims To Reduce Your Organisation’s Associated Costs Of MSK Sickness Absence

Our Service aims to reduce your Organisation’s associated costs of MSK sickness absence, through an Occupational Physiotherapy Service that supports and assists your Employee’s back to work, as quickly and safely as possible

  • An Occupational Physiotherapy Service allows the delivery of a comprehensive and dynamic range of both preventative and reactive treatments for your Employees, for a wide variety of MSK conditions.
  • You will be provided with early access, diagnosis and treatment of MSK conditions, utilising an evidence-based bio psychosocial approach, to minimise the impact of an MSK condition on your Organisation.
  • Our Occupational Physiotherapy Service will do this through:
    • Delivery of an onsite service at your Organisation, and/or off-site, through our network of Physiotherapists throughout the U.K.
    • Physiotherapy that consists of advice, exercises and self management, with ‘hands-on’ treatment where appropriate
    • Identification of barriers to return to work, and return to work programs
    • Regular communication with OH team members, Line Managers and HR
    • MSK Education and training sessions with OH team members, Line Managers and HR

If you would like to reduce MSK related sickness absence, save your Organisation money and have a healthier more productive workforce

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