Workstation Assessments


After at least 15 years of suffering and seeing several physiotherapists, The Occupational Health Physiotherapist was the first one to correctly identify the source of the problem which enabled her to give me the appropriate advice and exercises.


Employee, Large Private Confectionary Company

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Workstation Assessments & Ergonomics

Are you looking for a workstation assessment in London, Manchester, Birmingham, or anywhere in the U.K.?

We offer a fully comprehensive nationwide on-site service. The service is designed to facilitate easy referral and fast turnaround of reports and is quality assured.

Assessments are performed by Occupational Physiotherapists with a special interest/qualifications in Ergonomics.

Our most commonly conducted assessment taking 45-60 minutes and includes:

  • Job/Task analysis
  • Subjective complaints noted
  • H.S.E. compliance check and identification of urgent non H.S.E. compliance issues
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Risk assessment

A detailed report is provided which includes:

  • Details of the issues found
  • Information given and changes made during the assessment
  • Recommendations

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