Work Hardening & Functional Restoration


I have seen the Crystal Palace Physiotherapist based on-site on several occasions for physio on a variety of injuries. Each time I have found the service to be easily accessible, efficient and flexible to my busy schedule. On each occasion, I was offered excellent advice and treatment to return me to full health and was always available should I have additional problems or queries. I feel very confident that our Company has an excellent, proven physiotherapy service in place to enable employees to remain in good health.


Lead Occupational Health Advisor

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What Is A Functional Restoration Program (FRP)?

A Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is a goal-orientated Occupational Rehabilitation program designed to restore an Employee’s capacity for work or other activities. It is aimed primarily at the small number of complex, long term absence MSK cases. The program typically involves a graduated and combined series of supervised work-specific tasks (or components of a work task) and other simulated functional activities. The goal of the program is to restore an Employee’s ability to perform work-related tasks to enable them to return to work or full duties.

What Are The objectives Of An FRP?

To help Employees with chronic long-term and recurrent musculoskeletal conditions to return to work and normal function. Research has suggested that FRPs are the most effective route to a cure for chronic MSK conditions

What Are The Benefits?

The specific benefits of a FRP can be broken down into two main categories:

1) Benefits To The Employee:

  • An accelerated return to work or full duties
  • Minimise the physical, social and psychological impact of an injury
  • Early access to the best available treatment Increased morale and productivity

2) Benefits To The Employer:

  • Reduced sickness absence rates
  • Decreased direct and indirect costs of sickness absence e.g. operational cover and management time
  • A positive return on investment
  • Leading other Organisations by implementing best practice.

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